Black Granite Memory

by Audrey

Since school, my best friend Natasha and I had been together. She moved into my town when I was in fifth grade. I still remember the day she walked into our history class; shy and awkward. After that, there was no turning back. We were inseparable

We were again together in college and those were some of the best days of my life. Then, we both got into our professional careers, but that never dampened the spirit of our relationship.

About five years ago, Natasha was remodeling her kitchen and called me for advice. She was in a dilemma as she loved black granite and wanted her kitchen counters to be done in that but, was worried that it might make the room dark. She knew that granite is a superior class stone that looks good in pedestals and tiles. I told her to go for it because her kitchen was quite airy and cheerful and sunlight was not a problem.

She went with my decision and got it done. It looked beautiful, simply stunning!!!

The counters were easy to clean and just a stroke of water and soap was enough to keep them shining. Days went by and we kept getting more and more entwined in our careers and personal lives.

Then, one night I got a call from the police. The minute my phone rang I knew there was something wrong because it was so late. My gut feeling was right! Natasha had been in an accident while coming home from a party. Her car had skidded off the road and landed into a frozen lake. She had died before the police got there.

I didn't know what to feel, how to react. I was in a state of disbelief; a self-imposed denial that would keep me from getting hurt. As she didn't have much of a family here, I was in charge of everything. While making arrangements for the coffin and all, I suddenly had an idea. I got her tombstone made out of the stone she loved; black granite. And on it I got the following words engraved:

Natasha: for me you will be always be alive. In my thoughts and my prayers; in my laughter and my tears. Love you always.

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